Phillip Carrero
Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach Pole Vault
0401 128 334
Randwick Botany Harriers/Bankstown Sports Athletics
All Skill Levels
Sundays at 2. Tuesdays and Thursdays 17:30 to 21:00. Mon, Wed, Sat: gym.
Years experience in PV: Since 1965
Athletic background: Started pole vaulting at age 14.
1966: 2.70m, first comp. 
1969: 4.20m vaulting with aluminium pole on sand pit, under 19 all-time south-American record. 
1977: 4.20m at Hensley Field, RBH club record. 
1978: 4.40m at Valencia, Ca, USA while at college. 
Back competing with Masters in 2000: 
2001-2: 3.30m 1st. State Masters, 
2002-3: 3.40m 1st. State and Nationals, 
2003-4: 3.50m 1st. State and Nationals, 
2004-5: 3.60m 1st. State, 2nd. Nationals, 
2005-6: 3.45m 1st. State Masters.
2006-7:   3.65m, Australian Record 55-59 yr group
2011-12: 3.40m, Australian Record 60-64 yr group
Pole Vault will always burn with passion within a Pole Vaulter through his/her entire life.
Pole Vault is an amazing event. Live it and Love it!
Pole Vault is a wonderful, transferable concept to pass on to others so that them, and the event, will have a future.
Pole Vault is a life-time learning experience and everyone that aims to excel at it should be given the opportunity. 
My philosophy aims to do just that, wether the athlete is at the beginning, at the middle or at the top... of The Pole Vault Experience.