Jodie Oborne
Lv.2 Intermediate Club Coach
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
0407 732 528
River City Runners
Distance,Running Squad
All Skill Levels

In my role as a Recreational Running Coach I simply seek to inspire others to achieve their personal goals and to be a better version of themselves through their running. It has allowed me to reach out to others to send a message of hope and to demonstrate what is possible through passion, determination and commitment. I am continually fascinated by the individual qualities that make us unique which is something to be valued.

As a coach I actively seek to help you be your best. As an ambassador I work hard to inspire you to dream, believe, achieve and make the World a better place for everyone.

Ultramarathons have taught me that like life it’s hard, it owes you nothing and requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. When you think you are getting tired, you’ve still got miles left in you. An ultra marathon is the human spirit conquering self-limiting beliefs, overcoming obstacles and reaching its full potential. There is no room for excuses. When you’re running it’s just you and the road, it’s just you, your training, your preparation and your mindset. Every event is a learning experience.

Running has taken me all over Australia, virtually right around Australia and all over the World. I’ve run the Boston Marathon, trails in New Caledonia and New Zealand, a lot of little circles on an athletics track in Taiwan and numerous loops in Italy and Northern Ireland and bits and pieces in between. It’s exposed me to many different cultures and I feel I am a better person for it. These are all additional to the health benefits. It has brought many amazing people into my life and the shared experiences with these people are memories that I cherish.