Andrew Mac Donald
Mac Donald
Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach Middle & Long Distance
Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach Sprints Relays & Hurdles
Pymble, Upper North Shore
0402 041 101
UTS Norths

I coach middle distance or distance running athlete in any of these:

  1. You have aspirations to be the best you can be.  It’s about the journey: your current level is not important.  You want high quality, science and experienced based long term athlete development in mainstream athletics.
  2. You are already ketogenic adapted and want to optimise your performance with an athletics coach who is experienced in these events and who lives with the science and the challenges.
  3. You are insulin dependent (pumpers or MDI) (maybe not ketogenic adapted!) and want mainstream, science-based athletics coaching with the same lived experiences.

My coaching is for the athlete’s long term development.  It includes training at numerous locations, mainly on the upper North Shore.  There is a lot of “care and attention” away from the training sessions.  (It is not based as a squad in a single location.)

I focus on these specialities after many years coaching, at all levels.  Mainstream athletics offers a tremendous lifelong pathway, regardless of the level.  Middle distance, IDDM and ketogenic adaptation add challenging complexities – only the keen should apply!