Stephen Cain
Lv.3 IAAF Coach - Throws
Lv.4 Senior IAAF Coach - Sprints Relays & Hurdles
Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach
Box Hill
0407 230 748
St Kevins AAC, Box Hill Athletics Club,
Sprints,Distance,Throws,Jumps,Hurdles,Running Squad
All Skill Levels
All Days

After training as an elite Decathlete for 15 years whilst mastering my coaching craft, I have recently flicked the switch from full time athlete / part time coach, to Full Time Coach. 


My 10 years of involvement with the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) has instilled in my coaching the importance of developing the person as a whole, to not only be the best athlete they can be, but to be the best human they can possibly be. 


Our training sessions incorporate a multitude of fun and challenging activities designed to optimise enjoyment, engagement and provide a sturdy pathway for all athletes to improve themselves, whether that be a PB or towards international representation on the big stage. 


We provide elite coaching services that utilise strength & conditioning, biomechanics, nutrition and mindset training which are all tailored around a goal setting process to optimise individuals results.


On a daily basis i look forward to passing on my passion for Athletics as well as my experiences as an athlete that started at little athletics and progressed to representing Australia at the Commonwealth Games. 


I am excited by every training session and the possibilities for growth and development, both physical and mental.


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