Greg Coombs
Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach
Lv.4 Senior IAAF Coach - Middle & Long Distance
Lv.4 Senior IAAF Coach - Throws
Para-athletics Coach
RaceRunning Coach
Youth Aths Leader
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
QSAC,Redcliffe, Sunshine Coast
0405 140 371
Trackability Para Athletics Club
Sprints,Distance,Throws,Jumps,Running Squad
All Skill Levels
Depending on track availability training is Monday to Friday at QSAC 3pm to 7pm or as required.

Being a former Head Paralympic Coach of PNG I  continue to specialise in coaching Para Athletics.
As one of a handful of coaches in Australia that specialise in Para Athletics throws I can help you on your throws journey.
I  now have my accredation in RACERUNNING from the coaching course I have just attended  in Denmark July 7th.

RACERUNNING is currently for athletes with CP classified as T31 and T32.

RACERUNNING will part of this years IPC World Championships and hopefully will also be in the Paris 2024 Paralympics.
As one of few coaches in the world with this coaching accredation I will be able to help you on the road to international representation.

Also with my experience as a Head Paralympic coach in PNG and many years of association with Special Olympics also a Sporting Schools Coach plus sucessfully coaching athletes to national or international selection, I feel that I can help you on your athletics journey.
It doesn,t matter if aspire to be a Paralympian or just be a good competitor in your local competition I am here to help you.
Although I am a throws athlete I have a sucess with coaching atheletes in middle and long distances as well as the throws.
There are many events coming up over the next year in the led up to the Paralympics in Japan.
As the saying goes " The hardest part of the longest journey is the first step"
So as I said before if you are an person looking to go on to international representation or just compete at the local competition I would like to help you on that journey.

My club is Trackability Para Athletics we are on Facebook or you can email me at

Currently we are developing squads at QSAC for Multi Class athletes and on my return from a RaceRunning coaching course in Denmark which will held in July I will be looking at having RaceRunning squads at QSAC and Sippy Downs.