Alistair Tait
Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach Sprints & Relays
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
Frankston & Mornington Peninsula
0434 679 395
Frankston Athletic Club
Sprints,Hurdles,Running Squad
All Skill Levels
Mon 5-7pm, Thur 5-7pm, Sat 2-4pm, Sun 9-11am

My Coaching Philosophy
I coach because I get satisfaction from helping others. I enjoy helping an athlete gain confidence in themselves and seeing them achieve a goal gives me a sense of purpose. The things I have learnt as an athlete helped me to grow into a confident person and taught me the value of goal setting. I made great friends in the sport and now want to give something back to the sport and the community.

My goal is to continually deliver athletic training programs that are both challenging and enjoyable, no matter what age the athlete is. I constantly work on building the athletes’ confidence in themselves and introduce new challenges. This allows them to experience gradual improvement in line with the Long Term Athlete Development model.

My foundation program is designed to develop a solid foundation of balance, flexibility, range of movement and agility for the athlete. I study and research the latest scientific information and techniques to develop effective programs and monitor the athletes' progression.

I am committed to ongoing study so that I can coach from Community Based to High Performance levels in the sport. I believe that by following this systematic approach I will assist athletes to develop efficient running form, good posture and a broad base of general and specific fitness to meet their individual goals. My key values as a coach are Honesty, Integrity, Encouragement, Empathy, Self - Reflection, Patience, Persistence, Kindness and Compassion. I believe these are the key ingredients in building a mutual trust relationship between coach and athlete.

Communication is paramount in building a sound working relationship with my athletes. I study and experiment with different techniques to communicate effectively to each age and level of athlete. My athletes are encouraged to ask questions and present ideas, so that I can better understand their needs and who they are as people. I remind the athletes that the training sessions are for them, so they take ownership for what they get out of the session.

Each athlete that I coach must strive to improve and learn to get the best out of themselves and focus on what they can control. My athletes receive praise when they show good sportsmanship and encouragement for others. I believe that I have done a good job as a coach when an athlete goes home happy or confides in me. When I hear from a parent that their child loves coming to training, I know I have met my main goal – providing fitness that is FUN!

Alistair Tait