Renae Jones
Lv.2 Intermediate Club Coach
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
Ferny Hills
0447 578 200
Brisbane Run Squad
Blue Card:1277939/1
Distance,Running Squad

Head Coach of Brisbane Run Squad

Renae has been competing and coaching in multi-sport events for over a decade. In the last 12 months, she has dedicated herself to Triathlons, qualifying to represent Australia at the World Triathlon Championships on the Gold Coast, in September 2009. During this time, Renae has expanded her knowledge and experience in the sport by studying Fitness Certificates 3 and 4 and taking on a coaching role with Brisbane Triathlon Squad, specialising in core strength, flexibility and running. Renae’s work career is based on understanding individuals’ psychology at work, and recently has expanded her interests into sports psychology. Renae enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and finding a balance between work, family, friends, and the sport she loves!

Remember: In running there is no off season because running is not just a sport, its a lifestyle!