Jamie Strudley
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Middle & Long Distance
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Sprints Relays & Hurdles
Lv.4 Senior IAAF Coach - Middle & Long Distance
Lv.3 IAAF Coach - Middle & Long Distance
Mt Evelyn, Lilydale, Online
0402 233 677
Yarra Ranges Athletics
Sprints,Distance,Hurdles,Running Squad
All Skill Levels
Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6.00 - 8.00pm), other times by appointment

I am a coach passionate about all things athletics. My belief is that athletics is a fundamental activity that will improve the ability of anyone to participate in any activity or sport. Therefore I have a high emphasis on development and longevity in my programming.

I have competed internationally in middle distance events, this experience combined with my ever increasing knowledge enables me to balance workloads and progression, whilst enabling  all athletes to achieve their short, medium and long term goals.

I do not apologise for workloads being low, especially for young or inexperienced athletes, nor do I accept reluctance to put in the work when it is needed. Train hard, train smart…train to train tomorrow!

I have surrounded myself with a very knowledgeable, experienced and well-resourced support team including physio, podiatry, strength & conditioning, myotherapy, nutrition and coaching mentors.

Our squad, based mostly in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, range in age from 8yo to 60yo and encompass athletes training for a range of events from little athletics, senior track & field, championships, marathons, trail running and beyond.  Having a strong, diverse and inclusive squad is key to making training a fun, rewarding, encouraging experience where all aspects contribute to athletes achieving their desired goals.