Mick Rees
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Middle & Long Distance
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach
0427 827 889
Indigenous Marathon Foundation
Sprints,Distance,Running Squad
All Skill Levels

My coaching philosophy

"People coach athletes & participants in various sports for all sorts of reasons, be it to assist a local club, to win competitions, to win medals, qualify for other competitions etc. I coach to assist individual participants realise the incredible capacity they have to make a difference.

I'm a Coach / Manager who is extremely passionate about providing the people I coach with opportunities, positive environments and pathways that encourage them to grow as people and discover their passion in life through participation in sport. 

Participation builds confidence, confidence builds positive thinking and positive thinking builds self-worth. Self-worth allows people to believe in themselves and dream. When someone begins to chase down a dream they start to learn who they are. 

To chase down a dream you have to work hard and overcome significant adversity. To overcome significant adversity you have to push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of mentally and physically. It's when a person puts themselves in these situations that they grow and get a strong sense of their true capacity to inspire, influence and achieve. 

It's my purpose to mentor and coach my participants through this process driving the vehicle of sport..........."