Emmanuel Fashoyin
Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Jumps
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Sprints Relays & Hurdles
Lv.2 Intermediate Club Coach
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
Homebush and Burwood
0422 055 591
Campbelltown Collegians
Sprints,Distance,Jumps,Hurdles,Running Squad
All Skill Levels
Monday to Friday 4pm to 6:30pm Saturday to Sunday 9:30am to 11:30am

I have a long history as an athlete, having started out as a state representative junior elite volleyball player. I moved into athletics as an adult and trained and competed in sprint, long jump and triple jump when living in London. I believe that fitness, elite sports performance and even weightloss all rely on harmony between mind, body and soul and that there is a perfect interplay between work, rest, and play. People with high performance jobs, high stress or high frustration benefit greatly from high performance training. It is not just for elite athletes, but both men and women in the general population benefit from acquiring the elite skills gained through sprint and athletics high performancetraining. The benefit is three pronged: 1. The focus and attention to detail required in athletics training provides an absolute distraction from a stressful job, 2. The high intensity of the drills operates as a metaphoric punching bag encouraging pent up stress to be released into the intensity of the training, and 3. The exactness and specific execution required in some of the movements hones the mind and trains the brain, ultimately keeping you switched on and young at heart. And best of all, age is no barrier as one can train their inner athlete, from scratch, and at any stage of life. I incorporate holistic training and simple physiological movements into my high performance training. I'm an eternal optimist and have seen clients and team mates achieve great things when they believe they can. 


I operate Trackfitness Australia from Camden, Sydney NSW, but also travel to train clients in various parts of Sydney including the Macarthur region, Padstow, Bankstown, Centennial Park & ES Marks Athletics Track.