Lyndal Maloney
Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Recreational Running
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
Blue Mountains
0428 003 324
Distance,Running Squad
All Skill Levels

My coaching philosophy is based on a few things:

•running can make you feel great and it should be fun
•the importance of helping runners develop excellent running form,
•a healthy attitude to slow and steady progress to prevent injury,
•the understanding that women are different to men in many ways - anatomically, biomechanically and physiologically, and should train accordingly
•the belief that everyone can run, and our training groups being available and welcoming to all levels of runners.

Why am I a coach?  For the sheer pleasure of helping someone reach their goals - whether it be helping them cross the finish line in their first race, or getting them through the mental and physical challenges of a long and difficult trail run.

I have over twenty years of running in my legs, with a lot of knowledge gained along the way.  I enjoy all types of running - from road to trail, 5 k's to 100 kilometre races! Some of my favourite race experiences have been the Hume and Hovell 100, TNF 100 and UTA 100, UTA50, Tarawera Ultra, 6 Foot Track Marathon, Mt Solitary Ultra, Glenbrook Marathon, SMH Half Marathon, and the Australia Day Knapsack Race. I train smart, listen to my body, and in return, I get to enjoy participating in so many amazing races in the Blue Mountains, in Australia, and overseas.