Deborah Christie
Lv.2 Advanced Coach - Recreational Running
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
Youth Aths Leader
IAAF Kids' Athletics Coach
Lilydale / Eastern Suburbs
0425 746 927
Distance,Running Squad
All Skill Levels

My Coaching Philosophy

‘What are you going to do, starting today, that is going to make a difference to your life?’
- My passion lies in believing what once thought impossible, given the right tools, shown the right support and focus, are indeed possible.  I believe that everyone can have an active and healthy life.
- Everyone is different and unique but every journey starts with a single step.
- Whether you are looking to improve on your best times; learning to run from the couch to a 5k event, marathon or anything in between, aiming for a Triathlon; learning or improving your skills is energizing.
- I am passionate about connecting with people who aim to improve their lifestyles and who also believe in being involved with something greater than themselves.  I am a firm believer that we not only can achieve our goals, that through our own achievements we can empower others. 
- I encourage those I coach as part of a holistic approach, to go beyond themselves in support of the varied nonprofit organizations that all too often don’t get to their ‘possible’.
- Having completed many marathons both in Australia and overseas and as an age-group Ironman, I know what it means to balance the lifestyle that running and triathlon bring.  Balance to your training with structure, consistency and recovery.   
- Following the Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport as a coach, the fundamentals of respect, trust and commitment, should also be mirrored by those that I coach and support in their goal for a better lifestyle.

Who am I

With a history of competitive Track running and as a Netballer, the last 10 years focused on long distance running from 10k to 45k Marathon, and in Triathlon/Ironman distance events.
Coaching experience in both long distance running and triathlon development.
Involved with Athletics Australia Primary and Secondary Active Healthy Kids Schools Programs through the outer-eastern suburbs of Melbourne
Pro-bono coaching support to varied NFP running groups.

 'Without faith, no explanation is possible but with faith there is no explanation required' St Thomas Aquinas