Gareth Hall
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
Kangaroo Point
0498 130 371
Cadence Fitness And Coaching
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Based in Brisbane Australia, Gareth is a certified running coach and has 18 years experience working in the fitness industry over 3 continents. He has a passion for running and coaching on an individual level. Gareth has raced over multiple distances from 5km to Marathon distance and has a PB time of 3:00:00 for the marathon distance. More recently Gareth has been racing in triathlons up to and including Ironman distance.

Over the many years of working with individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and with different body types, Gareth has realised the need to use multiple techniques and methods to maximise client performance and avoid injury.  

He is known for his use of traditional methods such as pilates as well as more modern, functional movement training and recovery techniques.  

Gareth is heavily influenced by his wife's 'real food' approach to cooking and Yogic philosophy which has lead to a 360 degree approach to his own training and coaching.