Jeremy Davis
Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach
Leslie Patrick Park Arana Hills
0401 463 805
JDavis Athletics
Sprints,Distance,Throws,Jumps,Running Squad
All Skill Levels

My name is Jeremy Davis and I specialise in sprinting events and long jump as well as distance running/cross country. Training is provided on both an individual and group session basis at Leslie Patrick park. I cater to athletes 8+ through to adults.

I particularly enjoy working with athletes of any level who are enthusiastic and have a competitive mentality.

Leslie Patrick Park at Arana Hills:

Sprints (100-400), Long Jump, Middle/Long Distance, Shotput, Discus

UQ St Lucia Athletics Track:

Hurdles (Sprint Hurdles, 400m hurdles, Steeplechase)

The coaching I deliver is designed with long term athlete development in mind. It incorporates core skills taught through foundational and event specific drills, reactive plyometrics, functional strength, and technique and biomechanical orientated training. 

Through working with me the athlete will also begin to develop the mindset of an elite athlete. I teach them strategies to cope with pressure, and develop correct injury prevention, preparation and recovery habits needed for longevity in high level track and field. 

Pricing (flexible)

The pricing structure of my training sessions (approximate duration 60-90 minutes) are usually as follows and is adjusted depending on the number of sessions per week:

Individual: $30-40

Group Sessions

Group of 2: $20-30

Group of 4: $10-15

I am flexible with pricing and can offer discounts for athletes who wish to do multiple sessions per week, are achieving at a particularly high level, or have certain financial needs. The cost also covers the purchase of equipment that may be applicable to the athlete's individual needs.

Auxillary strength training is also offered (and strongly recommended) and will come in the form of a self conducted program and/or supervised gym session(s) for power athletes depending on the athlete's needs. This is advised as I see fit. 

I also endeavour to attend my athletes competitions when possible in order to assist them with their events and this is usually done free of charge.