Kel Walker
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach
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Online - anytime; Face-to-face Monday to Sunday 6:00am to 7:00am



Based in Sydney’s Inner West, Kel has been endurance running since 2014 and has competed in recreational runing events from 5km to the Marathon. He has also been involved in many other sports as: an elite golfer, an A Grade Rugby League player and Referee; and personal trainer.

He has a passion for running endurance road races having completed four Half Marathons and Six Marathons since 2014. This passion is set to take him to his first International Marathon in New York on 4th November 2018 and has taken him to some of the most spectacular locations in Australia and throughout the World. Kel continues to participate in events ranging from 5km races through to Marathon events at a competitive level and is looking to complete all Six Wrold Majors in the next few years.

Whilst Kel is relatively new to Athletics Coaching he is qualified Athletics Australia running coach, with one aim in mind – to help others achieve fitness and personal success through running. He utilises his skills he has developed through 20+ years in Defence and Law Enforcement, personal trainer and as an athlete from multiple disciplines to offer individually tailored training programs and targeted group sessions, catering for each individual’s goals and lifestyle.

Kel is also a coach and run leader for Running Science. Running Science is an Inner West community Running Shop whose goal is to build better runners and transforms lives through fun, fitness, and friends. Beginners and experienced people alike are given professional coaching as part of a team to run in events – including marathon and half marathon events.


‘Helping runners achieve their physical best’

Kel has a strong inclusive philosophy and caters for all runners; from those taking their first steps through 'Couch to 5K'; to the recreational runner and elite athlete. He loves sharing the joy of fitness and running with those who are just starting out, teaching the techniques and skills to those who are looking to improve, and providing guidance, plans and information to those who are already regularly running but wish to sharpen their focus or have a particular event in mind.


  • Level 2 Athletics Australia Recreational Running Coach
  • Level 1 Coaching: Rugby League
  • Level 2 Refereeing: Rugby League
  • Advanced First Aid Certificate
  • Certificate III in Fitness

Coaching Role: Kel coaches Local and Remote Athletes online as well as face-to-face in Sydney's Inner West and Centennial Park. He facilitates weekly training sessions, weekend group training and one-on-one training sessions. 

Coaching Specialisation: Road Running; all distances and capabilities. He has completed six Marathons including the 2018 New York Marathon.