Thomas Flynn
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
Jetts Greensborough, Jetts Templestowe, parks in the Banyule and Doncaster areas
0406 340 759
Jetts Greensborough
Beginner and Intermediate
Monday-Saturday, morning and afternoons/evening sessions available

I'm a Personal Trainer and Running Coach operating out of Jetts Greensborough and Jetts Templestowe. I love how empowering it is to achieve your fitness goals and have full control of your success, and I've always loved teaching so coaching fitness was a natural career choice.

Having studied Mechanical Engineering at Melbourne Uni before moving in to PT to turn my passion in to a career, I have a fascination and obsession with optimising movement/lifting techniques (mechanics!)

I've played a lifetime of sports (AFL, cricket, soccer, futsal, basketball, snow-skiing and snowboarding) however my own fitness pursuits now revolve primarily around bodybuilding and running.

It saddens me to see so many people fearing food and I love helping others shift their mindset to all of the wonderful benefits of food! The day you change your attitude from feeling guilt about eating, to thinking about how food can aid your fitness goals (through better performance and recovery), your life will change forever. No food is off limits!

I would love to assist you with:

Running coaching and 'Fun Run' preparation (tailored training programs available, incorporating both running and strength training for all goals be they just completing your first Fun Run or a specific target time)

Body recomposition (fat loss, muscle hypertrophy/toning, nutrition, bodybuilding, and how to include running in your weekly training)

Running technique and strength training for runners (injury prevention and improved running performance/efficiency)

Flexible dieting (you CAN achieve amazing changes to your body without giving up the foods you love)

Contact by phone, email or social media for a complimentary initial consultation (phone consultations and online coaching available)