Ingrid Dix
Lv.2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach
Complete Body Performance
Distance,Running Squad
Beginner and Intermediate
6am Monday and Wednesday Group Run

Personal Trainer and 6am group running training.

I am lucky enough to be gifted with an up beat, fun and energetic nature. I can adapt to my surroundings, making the best out of a situation. I believe we create our own happiness. I am grateful to be able to train people outside – in nature, fresh air and sunlight or in the comfort of there home. “not so comfortable while i am there.”

To survive is one thing and to enjoy each moment that’s another. Yet to be able to achieve new growth and thrive that’s a totally different world. A daily choice and grind that comes with it, the decision I make, the feeling of empowerment of the daily choice. To stand up and put your foot forward, continuing to make progress to want you want out of life.

I like to train to a deeper level, once the high is over, what else is there? I have realised when you are ready, there is always more! Ask any athlete. I have leant to be patient with my body and do the best I can in every way to better myself.

I am determined and not afraid to learn the skills needed to achieve the next goal.  I will continue to set challenges for myself to keep succeeding and avoid being useless. Building strength and courage to make changes in my life is a must. Looking back, reflecting and being aware of how far I have come, now that takes the cake. To continue taking the steps to the unknown, that’s just Icing-exciting. Your always winning when your life is more than you could of ever dreamed and imagined.

For me training gives me purpose and structure to my day. It’s a commitment I make to myself. It requires self-discipline and perseverance. I train to feel happy, celebrate and thrive at life and I also train to find a solution or have a healthy outlet and escape from life. I love being an active high energy person.